Sep 25, 2009

love at first sight

this is the cutest story ever, of a mamma dog adopting the tiniest little piglet as one of her own.

Sep 11, 2009

shopping sprees make the world go round

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot and woke up feeling the same way so today I indulged in some retail therapy. I hit Forev's XXI and tried just about everything in the store. There was plaid and liberty print florals everywhere I looked. Tried on this sweet dress because it reminded me of a Seventeen Magazine photoshoot from 1995, minus the ruffles.

Then I found a one-piece pyjama. Score.

Also in my purchase list today were some knee-high wool socks (i'm anticipating the winter!) and two of the same cardigan.

ps - Free sephora samples RULE. Did you know that they will decant any perfume you wish into a tester vial for you?

Sep 8, 2009

the haunting

I drove past this place on some random two-lane highway in Connecticut a few years ago. I still don't know what it was or how to ever get there again.

Summer Ender

hung out in these here falls all weekend.

Sep 2, 2009

Death by awesome

Fair's are one of the happiest places on earth, especially at night. The food smells are amazing, lights everywhere, and BABY ANIMALS.

This lil' guy looked like Bambi.

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